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We Put Our Money Where Our Consulting Is

When we say "we put our money where our consulting is" we mean it. From day one of consulting with you and your staff, our principle aim is to immediately improve your cash wellness in three areas: cash on hand, cash flowing in, and cash flowing out. If you're not where you should be, or could be, we can help.

Every service we offer is designed to measure and address your company's cash wellness position. Building wealth is not about earning money. It's about retaining it. However, to retain it, the company must explore every possible means of curtailing the cost of doing business.

That's where we come in. At MCG, we challenge the status quo. We ask the tough questions, and render advice and recommendations that demand consideration. With our years of experience in problem-resolution consulting for banks and partnering with cities, surely we can make a positive difference in your business. Contact us for a brief consultation and discover what we can do for you.

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Either everyone wins, or there's no deal. Period.
Michael McCoy
Michael McCoy
President, Team Resource Management, and Legal Compliance
Since 1980, Founder, Dr. Michael, has provided financing and legal compliance services to a wide range of businesses and municipalities. Today, Michael’s team provides direct loans to emerging companies—even to companies under Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.
Jeff Braden
Jeff Braden
Chief Consultant, Team IT and Technology Markets
For the past 30 years, Jeff has been at the forefront of technology. Following his education while with the U.S. Navy in Cryptologic Communications, Jeff returned home and built his own computer business. Today his MCG team assesses IT risks associated with prospects seeking financing.
Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams
Chief Consultant, Team Healthcare Markets
As a licensed mental-health professional and board member of her own mental health clinic, Michelle’s team targets the mental health industry in America, offering consulting and financing to growing clinics.


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