April 13, 2016


What is Smart Capital?

What is smart capital?
Smart capital is smart debt.
And smart debt is debt that’s less expensive than the cost of opportunity lost.

MCG’s Smart Capital is also the type of financing that, when used properly, pays for itself. Click the “Let’s Talk” button above and ask one of our MCG representatives for a cost-benefit analysis based on any of the products—or a hybrid of the products—listed below.

Here’s What We Do In A Nutshell:

What We Do

Specific Products and Services Offered:

Accounts Receivable Financing: This service is ideal for companies that have been in business for five or more years. It’s ideal for companies that currently have an existing line of credit with a commercial bank. However, the existing bank line of credit is insufficient to meet the company’s growth and expansion needs going forward.

Conventional Factoring: This service is ideal for start-up businesses, and companies that have been in business for under 5 years. Conventional factoring is ideal for the “non-bankable” company seeking cash flow relief from its major creditworthy customers. Cash can be obtained withing three (3) working days.

Interactive Receivable Financing: This service is a flexible accounts receivable lending program that is managed with the sophistication required of factoring. Qualified applicants must demonstrate adequate historical payment trends from its creditworthy customer.

Debt Consolidation Factoring: This service is designed to assist the growing company that is currently in default with its bank or other key creditors. This allows MCG to assist in “debt negotiations” until such time all creditors are satisfied. Debt consolidation factoring allows the company to increase cash flow without increasing debt.

Maturity Factoring: This service is an immediate source of “ready cash” on pre-approved account debtors of the company. MCG will administer the accounts receivable, however, the cost is tailored to meet the company’s budget. This is ideal for the “low margin” operation.

Non-Notification Factoring: This service is exactly the same as conventional factoring except for account debtor notification. The debtor is unaware of the factor. Payments are remitted in the company’s name, and will be directed to the factor’s “lock box” for processing.

Post Petition “Chapter 11” Financing: This service is for the company that is presently in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Upon court approval, MCG can provide “instant cash” on receivables, combined with instant cash on equity in existing equipment if needed.

Medical Industry Financing:

Medical Billing Financing: This service works much the same as factoring or asset-based lending, depending on the complexities related to the medical practitioner’s internal administration and billing procedures.

Retail Industry Financing:

Retail Receipt Financing: This service works much the same as factoring or asset-based lending, depending on the retailer’s length of time in business (minimum one year) and a consistency in monthly sales volume (minimum of $10,000 monthly).

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